Digital Media

Nightmare on Capitol Hill

Nightmare on Capitol Hill was a Halloween-themed digital campaign calling attention to the scariest policies on Capitol Hill. The campaign had two main goals:

  1. Activate online activists using share images, Twitter, and digital media outlets like Upworthy, to increase awareness of these terrible policies.
  2. Open doors on Capitol Hill for PAI lobbyists to pressure policy makers to stop or repeal the policies.

The campaign was a success both online and off. The microsite I designed,, (visible now via the Way Back Machine) had thousands of visitors during the week of Halloween. The Nightmare on Capitol Hill tweetathon reached more than half a million Twitter accounts, and the companion infographic was shared widely and posted on several digital media outlets, including Upworthy.

Offline, more than one dozen Congressional offices met with PAI lobbyists, and all of them received the companion infographic after their meeting. Several policymakers joined the tweetathon, calling for the repeal of these “scary” policies.

The spending bill referenced in the Nightmare on Capitol Hill materials was defeated, and the White House has made motions to alter the Helms Amendment as well.