Nine of My All-Time Favorite Lady Journos

I really love famous people. I’ve hosted several Lady Gaga costume parties, my birthday was Drake themed, I follow every Kardashian on almost every social network, and twice I’ve spent unspeakable amounts of money on Beyonce concert tickets – the first were floor seats in Vegas, the second time I flew to Houston for 24 hours to see Beyonce in her hometown. My aggressive fandom list goes on.

But just as much as I love pop stars and reality TV personalities, I love journalists. I love a good long read or personal essay just as much as I love a good pop concert. These ladies have written (and continue to write) some of my favorite stories:

Ann Friedman
Why you should like her: I creepily feel as though Ann is my friend because I listen to her and her bestie, Aminatou Sou, every week on Call Your Girlfriend. Amina and Ann Keep Up With The Kardashians just as aggressively as I do, and they also talk political news and lifestyle updates. Ann is a white feminist without being a White Feminist ™, and honestly I can’t get enough.
What you should read: Listen to Call Your Girlfriend. Check out Ann’s pie charts, which you’ve probably seen all over the internet. Take some comfort in Finish Your Ugly Crying. Here’s What Comes Next. in this post-Cheeto-as-president world. You can even subscribe to the Ann Friedman Weekly and get a weekly dose of digital treats, mostly (but not always) written by Ann or other feminist bad asses.

Gabriella Paiella
Why you should like her: Gabriella and I both wish we were married to Ina Garten. She co-writes Deranged Crafts, and I’m also a deranged crafter.
What you should read: This weirdly juicy drama about a woman who cheated in a half marathon. Like, this thing goes deep y’all.

Caity Weaver
Why you should like her: Y’all I realize I already mentioned Caity on this site. No, I have never talked to her. No, I won’t stop just because it’s starting to get weird. She used to write for Gawker (RIP), and her articles literally leave me lolling so hard I’m gasping.
What you should read: Caity wrote one of my all time favorite things on the internet, My 14-Hour Search for the End of TGI Friday’s Endless Appetizers. This article prompted a real life trip to TGI Fridays to try to find the end of the endless appetizers. We were no more successful than Caity was. You should also follow her on Twitter for a lot of Beyonce commentary, which we all need more of in our lives.

Mallory Ortberg
Why you should like her: Mallory co-founded the best feminist corner of the internet, The Toast. Yeah, that The Toast.
What you should read: Honestly everything she ever posted on The Toast is amazing, but my favorite article is Texts from a Ghost (one and two), in The Hairpin. I also loved Have You Heard the One About the Religious Woman Who Stops Being Religious in College?, a moving personal essay about leaving the religion you were raised in. And obviously, I read Dear Prudence every week.

Jennine Capo Crucet
Why you should like her: I fell in love with Jennine’s piece in the New York Times, Taking My Parents to College. I’m not a daughter of immigrants, but I was a first generation college student, and her piece was so relatable I honestly read it like ten times. Every time it brings me to tears.
What you should read: Taking My Parents to College.

Madeleine Davies
Why you should like her: You knew there were gonna be some Jezebel writers up in here. She’s funny, she’s quick, her tweets are great.
What you should read: My Endless Quest to Find the Woman in This Terrifying Tinder Urban Legend.

Emily Kaiser
Why you should like her: It’s hard to find young people who have written about loss. We read so many personal essays about every other life experience – finding a job, losing a job, making friends, dating, marriage, and children – but relatively few millenials and gen Xers have written about something every single one of us will experience: the loss of a parent.
What you should read: You need to read How Millennials Mourn. Just do it. If you ever have a friend or partner who loses someone, they’ll thank you.

Leah Carroll
Why you should like her: Leah can write about anything, and you won’t be able to stop reading. Whether it’s a slideshow of women’s desk shoes (totally a thing), or an excerpt from her forthcoming memoir about the murder of her mother.
What you should read: The two links above, plus How to Plan a Wedding When You’re an Orphan.

Anna Merlan
Why you should like her: Anna wrote one of my fav Jezebel posts of all time: Inside Superstar Machine, Which Ex-Members Say Is a Cult Preying on New York’s Creative Women. It’s got cults, it’s got weird sex stuff, it’s got major metropolitan cities. In short: it’s got it all.
What you should read: See above.

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