Farm to School Annual Survey



About the project: The National Farm to School Network (NFSN) wanted to release their annual survey data in a new and engaging way, but they had several audiences to accommodate. Instead of creating one product and finding new ways to package it for different stakeholders, I suggested using the survey data to create three products to fully meet the needs of their audiences. Those products included:

  • An infographic with shareable pieces for social media. This was the first product to be released, and it primed NFSN’s web audience and others with the gist of the data. This graphic and the social media “sharables” that went with it were short and easy to digest, so someone who wasn’t familiar with the organization’s mission could still see the importance of the data.
  • A fact sheet. Fact sheets are perfect for lawmakers and other policy wonks. Although they might not have the time or expertise to sift through deeper data, they need to fully understand key takeaways.
  • A report. The 25-page full report showcases all the findings of the annual survey, and includes charts, graphs, and original data and notes. This report is perfect for researchers and analysts in the farm to school space, who already have a deep understanding of the issues.

My contributions: National Farm to School Network provided all copy and photos for these pieces. I designed the infographic, social-media ready images, fact sheet layout, and report layout.