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Brands That Got Snapchat Right

I have never felt more like an old woman than when Snapchat first became A Thing. A few of my friends were really into it, and seemingly took snaps of everything, but I just didn’t see the point.

“Can’t I just text you a photo?”

“Isn’t it just like Instagram?”

“Can’t you just get off my lawn?”

But when I got my new phone, I decided to give it a try, if for no other reason than to see what all the fuss was about. It’s no surprise that I love Snapchat now, and it quickly became my favorite social platform. And I’m not alone! Snapchat stories get 1 billion views daily, and more than 760 million snaps are sent daily. That’s a lot of snaps.

So, loving Snapchat for personal use is one thing, but does your nonprofit or corporate brand need to be on it? Not necessarily. As always, it comes down to your goals and strategy. Are you trying to engage young people? Is your brand humorous or fun (as opposed to polished and precise)? If so, Snapchat might be right for you.

This platform isn’t for highly polished videos (Vimeo and YouTube will be more effective here), HD photos with text overlays (better for Instagram), or infographics (they do well on Pinterest). Snapchat is for quick and dirty publishing, and humorous, unique, and playful content will do well here.

So who’s already on Snapchat, and what are they doing there? Here’s a quick run down of a few brands and organizations that are using Snapchat effectively. I hope you’ll find these inspirational while crafting your own SnapStrategy (TM).

  1. Taco Bell: You need to follow Taco Bell immediately, because their story is generally hilarious. They have tons of behind-the-scenes snaps from events like the MTV Music Awards, but they also post longer snap movies (many consecutive snaps played in order to create a video). Taco Bell was one of the first brands to get on Snapchat, and now their fans are “crazy engaged.” Taco Bell estimated 80 percent of their fans open their snaps, and 90 percent view the snap in its entirety.
  2. tacobellDoSomething.orgIt’s no surprise that a nonprofit focused on getting young kids to “do something” would be one of the first to join Snapchat. Seventy-one percent of Snapchat users are under 25, so this was a natural platform for Do Something. Bryce Mathias is the man behind the snaps, and he says Do Something has somewhere around 5,000 followers. Unlike other platforms, Snapchat doesn’t show how many followers you have, and Mathias had to contact Snapchat to find out. Their Snapchat strategy is all about engagement. The open rate on their snaps is near 100 percent, and Mathias makes it a priority to try to respond to as many snaps as possible. That’s a serious undertaking considering they receive about 380 snaps a day.
  3. Comedy Central: Obviously, Comedy Central posts some really funny snaps. They also use a lot of emojis and shoot plenty of behind the scenes content — a recipe for Snapchat success.
  4. Rebecca Minkoff: Rebecca Minkoff, an upscale fashion designer, debuted her 2014 Spring Collection on Snapchat just before it was released on the New York Fashion Week runway in September 2013. This was a huge success, and shows that Snapchat is great for “sneak peaks.”
    Photo Courtesy of Mashable
    Photo Courtesy of Mashable
  5. GrubHub: GrubHub is all about contests and giveaways. They use the story feature to lead users to discount codes for GrubHub services. It’s a quick and easy formula, and it encourages user engagement and creativity.

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